Newcomer Ethnocultural Youth Council of winnipeg


The Newcomer Ethnocultural Youth Council of Winnipeg (NEYCW) is a voluntary youth body established with the ultimate goal of advising social, settlement organizations, governments, business community, unions, universities and colleges on needs and priorities of newcomer youth. Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW) facilitates that work of the NEYCW as a partner in promoting inclusiveness and collaborative approaches to the provision of services to newcomer youth in Winnipeg.


NEYCW is a newcomer ethnocultural youth body with the mandate of getting newcomer youth engaged in Winnipeg and bringing their voices to decision making in all areas of service provision and policy making in the city of Winnipeg.


The NEYCW’s membership is composed of an Advisory Committee of five-seven members who are selected from diverse backgrounds, and a General Committee of up to 25 members. Members of NEYCW have the passion and keen interest to engage in public life within and outside their communities. The leadership structure of the Advisory Committee will be comprised of two Co-Chairs and three to five Directors.

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