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The Immigration Partnership Winnipeg is a Local Immigration Partnership. Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are multi-sectoral collectives that bring a new form of collaboration, at the community-level, to newcomer settlement and integration. They are designed to establish, facilitate and implement a community-wide strategy for improving the settlement and integration of immigrants. The LIP model is having success across Canada with more than 70 LIPs across the country.

Funding and support for the LIPs comes from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW) helps create an inclusive welcoming community that has a strong desire and capacity to receive newcomers and make them feel at home.


The Newcomer Ethnocultural Youth Council of Winnipeg (NEYCW) is a voluntary youth body established with the ultimate goal of advising social, settlement organizations, governments, business community, unions, universities and colleges on needs and priorities of newcomer youth. 

Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW) facilitates that work of the NEYCW as a partner in promoting inclusiveness and collaborative approaches to the provision of services to newcomer youth in Winnipeg..

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